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Missing Genetic Pieces by Sherry Baker Gomez Now Available in PDF Format

Sherry Baker-Gomez is the parent of a child with VCFS. Her son was finally diagnosed with VCFS at 18 years of age after a long medical history searching for answers. After many years of struggling with her son's undiagnosed disorder, Sherry was so desperate for answers that she became a nurse in an effort to understand what the symptoms she saw in him meant. Then she realized that many other parents needed answers and needed to know where to turn, so she began writing. Committed to VCFS education, Sherry started gathering information, resources and stories that offered support. Working along with other parents and professionals, Sherry has organized this collection of information into a comprehensive handbook that brings information and resources to parents, professionals, and others under one cover.

This book is now available in a downloadable PDF format that will be more affordable and accessible to all. For more information, and to download the book please visit: www.everythingfamily.net/vcfs.htm

Excerpt from book review by Amanda Ripsam:

”Sherry has a son who is 25 just a bit younger then myself who also has VCFS 22q deletion Velo-cardio-facial- syndrome.

I too am a adult like her son I am 31 one years old  but her son has more of the complex medical issues then I have had to experience with VCFS 22q. Each of us are effected by it in many different ways…

I loved the medical information that goes along with the story of what her son went though Sherry help explain in in simple people terms and not doctor jargon.  Sherry’s story touched my heart and I connected with her on so many levels with out even having to meet her, I understood where she was coming from her feelings and her frustrations because not only am I a adult with 22q VCFS DiGeorge but I am a mom to a child who also has 22q VCFS DiGeorge…

Sherry offers a list of resources and lot’s of guidance on how she managed and hopes that it inspires parents to be more compassionate towards their 22q VCFS DiGeorge children from the time they are born and frail to their teen years and adult hood when we as 22q vcfs Digeorge become independent and start living on our own. I only wish I had parents like her growing up. I felt while reading, the love she has for her son the continue support she offers him. I sure hope he knows how lucky he has it with her as a momma bear standing up for him.

The Missing Genetic Pieces is a book that I will be referring anyone of the parents I mentor to read.  I am honored to help promote it. There is not a lot touched on Adults with 22q but that is because the community as a whole does not know or understand adults like myself with VCFS 22q and I hope this book continues to help spread awareness for all not just for children.  As an adult looking for answers this may not be the book for you but if you are a adult with a child who has VCFS 22q there is a lot of helpful tips and resources or if your a parent with out the same deleted disorder as your child you will find this book very helpful reference book. Worth every penny.

over all I rate this book a 5 out of 5.”